Why Adults Need Quiet Time Too

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I remember hating “quiet time” as a kid. I didn’t want to sit in my room and nap, color, or play by myself. I wanted to be loud, noisy, bossy, and oh so sassy.

As I got older, quiet time became more frequent. But not in a good way. I was still unusually bossy, but I would spend hours on the internet, obsessing over all things Pinterest. I would read the latest teen novel (Pretty Little Liars, anyone?) and become jealous over these fictional characters and their lifestyles.

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It was not until last year I discovered what quiet time really is. I was feeling overwhelmed with school and life and I remember my dad suggesting I read Psalm 23. I read this Psalm over and over until I realized something, these words were so applicable. I have been a Christian all my life but I had never actually read the Bible. I started reading more of the Psalms, highlighting all I could, since they reminded me of short poems.

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Then for Christmas my mom gave me the Jesus Calling devotional. I picked up a journal at TJ Maxx (aka: I wanted an excuse to go there and purchase unnecessary things) and I sat down to talk to God. I looked forward to  craved that time with God. I felt like my whole day was being transformed and molded into exactly what He wanted.

I could tell when I hadn’t done my devotional that morning. I felt anxious all day, I would get upset about petty things, or I would begin questioning my worth.

This time with God is so, so, sooo important in our lives. God already has my life perfectly planned out in exactly the way He wants, so why was I stressing about my plan? I would much rather have His.


As kids, we dread quiet time because it seems pointless and silly. As adults, we NEED this quiet time to let Christ know we put our complete trust in Him. We need this time to remember that when we feel completely and utterly alone, He is right there, holding our hands.

You don’t need a devotional to do this, although I do recommend Jesus Calling or SheReadsTruth. Just crack open your Bible, and talk to Him. He wants to listen to you and He wants you to know He cares.